Black is in for 2014

We can’t understate the importance of retroreflectivity for night-time driving, as nearly three times as many roadway fatalities occur at night.* There is also a growing need to have better road markings in high-glare areas and where the pavement does not provide adequate contrast with the road markings.  This is often the case on concrete road surfaces.

Many states have used black paint to highlight road markings on light-colored road surfaces. Airports have used black for years to both highlight and mask.

Skip-Line continues to lead the industry by responding to this increased need for black contrast painting abilities.

Here are a few of the patterns we’ve been asked to do on an increasingly frequent basis:

  • “SHADOW BLACK” (standard white stripe followed by a equal length black stripe)
  • “FORE-SHADOW BLACK (black stripe immediately preceding a white stripe)
  • “FORE” and “AFT SHADOW” (black stripe before and after a white stripe)
  • “WHITE CONTRAST BLACK” (2″ black on either side of 4″ white stripes)
  • “YELLOW CONTRAST BLACK” (black paint between any two centerline yellow lines – commonly used in California)
  • “EDGELINE CONTRAST BLACK” (black paint outside of the white edgeline)
  • “AIRPORT ZIPPER BLACK” (alternating Black and white checkerboard pattern)
  • “AIRPORT HOLD-SHORT BLACK) (black highlights beside and between yellow markings)

There are more patterns out there that require black paint, and many of them require custom programming on your Skip-Line Road Marking System. If you have custom requirements for your next striping project or season, Skip-Line can handle the job.

May your lines continue to be bright; both Day and Night!



Posted on October 19, 2013 in Maintenance, Skip Time, Striping Advice

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