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Acquisition of MSDI Controls

More exciting news! Skip-Line® has acquired the MSDI (Micro Systems Development, Inc.) product line and business assets.  If you’re keeping track, this is the 2nd acquisition this year following the purchase of Research Derivatives, Inc. As the industry leader in road marking controls, we look forward to supporting MSDI customers with their existing products and future requirements.  

Skip-Line will continue to manufacture select MSDI products. Please contact Skip-Line for tech support on existing products. We will repair MSDI units and support MSDI customers to the best of our ability.

We’ve also added MSDI product documentation to our website: http://skip-line.com/msdi/

If you are interested in replacing existing MSDI controls, please contact your preferred OEM or Skip-Line® directly.

Micro Systems Development, Inc. was founded in 1990 by John Butler following the repair of a skip timer from a now-defunct company. Jack (John Butler) began developing new products, many of which were purchased by the U.S. Military for use in overseas operations where roadways and runways were needed very quickly. Word spread of the reliability and durability of MSDI’s equipment, and the company grew from there.  

Jack handled design and the business aspects, while his wife Lou (1939-2012) built the equipment and handled customer interaction. Other employees were brought in when needed. Things became difficult to manage when Lou was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and required increasing amounts of care. Jack was truly a devoted husband, hiring assistance with MSDI and doing design work from home so he could be close to Lou.

The disease took its inevitable toll on Lou. Combined with Jack’s hearing and mobility issues, the company became difficult to manage.

Jack recently accepted an offer from Skip-Line, Inc. to purchase MSDI’s assets. Jack says this is a welcome opportunity, and he would like his customers to know that he has confidence in the Skip-Line staff to take care of MSDI’s valued customers.

Jack’s contributions have made a significant impact on the road marking industry. Skip-Line salutes Jack Butler – a fellow pioneer in electronic road marking controls. We are honored to be trusted with his legacy.

Brent’s Tips


This is not a product endorsement, nor did Skip-Line, Inc. receive any compensation or benefit from Potters Beads for recommending this product. This posting is solely for informational purposes.

A common problem with waterborne road markings is the dry-time of the paint. One method for reducing dry-time that has become popular in recent years is by using a drying agent like VISILOK® from Potters Beads, LLC.


A VISILOK bead dispenser is mounted in front of the paint gun, and dispenses into the paint stream as it is applied. According to the Potters® website, VISILOK “Cuts Waterborne Dry Time More Than Half The Time.”


VISILOK is recommended whenever there is high humidity and/or whenever the temperature is low. Both of these environments cause increased dry-time for the paint


A Skip-Line® Control System can be upgraded to include the VISILOK control timing to ensure complete coverage of the painted line. A Skip-Line® Data Logger can have the VISILOK monitoring added to ensure proper application rates to Potters recommended specifications.


Some major advantages of faster dry-time of waterborne paints:

  • Extends the striping season and the work day.

  • Reduces the risk of cars tracking in the paint.

  • Reduces the need for coning and traffic control.

  • Improves paint performance in damp/humid and cold weather.

  • Allows for increased paint thickness without worrying about dry-time.


VISILOK also has the added benefit of long-lasting retro-reflectivity and line life due to the intermixing of beads.

So, if you live in a cold, damp, or humid climate, consider using VISILOK to decrease dry-times in water-borne borne paint applications.


May your lines be brighter than ever!


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