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ATSSA 2015 Trade Show


ATSSA attendees gave an enthusiastic reception to the MST-14 Mini Skip Timer during the 2015 Expo in Tampa last month.  Booth visitors voiced approval of its informative color interface, easy-to-understand menu, and basic USB data logging capabilities.  Watch for an official release next quarter!

Special thanks to all of our O.E.M. partners and vehicle operators who visited our booth.  We always enjoy visiting old friends and making new ones.


Mini Skip Timer

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Visitors of the Skip-Line ATSSA booth expressed interest in the MST-14 Mini Skip Timer. 

The MST-14 Mini Skip Timer delivers a capable and intuitive road marking experience in a condensed package.  Featuring a full-color display and easy-to-navigate menus, the MST-14 is perfect for smaller road marking vehicles with up to four paint guns.

Simplify reporting requirements with integrated basic data logging of distance counters, material usage, average mil thickness, and time-stamped GPS start and end coordinates.  Export data as an Excel spreadsheet to a USB flash drive.

The MST-14 is capable of many special patterns out of the box, such as Contrast Black, Fore & Aft Shadow BlackReflective Marker Layout, and Multi-Mid Dot patterns.

March 23-27, 2015

National Work Zone Awareness Week

National Work Zone Awareness Week is just around the corner.  Organized by our friends at ATSSA, this event reminds all of us the importance of using caution in work zones.  Every single worker matters in our industry, and every accident hurts us all.  This annual reminder is a great time to review operations in your organization and find ways to reduce the possibility of a work zone accident.

Skip-Line strives to continuously make the road marking industry safer through innovation and automation.  Reducing the road worker’s exposure to dangerous conditions is always considered when developing new products.

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Other Big News

Recent Acquisition


Skip-Line is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Research Derivatives, Inc.–a historied company in the industry with a variety of road marking electronic products.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions concerning service for Research Derivatives products.  We’ll do our best to support RD customers with basic repairs, troubleshooting, and upgrade recommendations.

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Process Control Systems

Magnetic Collar Installation


This training video, kindly provided by Process Control Systems, Inc., demonstrates proper installation of a magnetic collar on a driveshaft.  When used in conjunction with a hall effect sensor, a reliable and accurate distance signal is generated for your Skip-Line timer system.

Brent’s Tips

Using Gun Factor

What is GUN FACTOR, and how does it help me?

GUN FACTOR is the electronic correction feature on most Skip-Line controllers to counteract the inherently slow turn-off time of paint guns and solenoids. Due to the mechanics of most paint guns, it takes more time to turn the gun off than to turn on. The result is a stripe length that can be as much as 30% longer than intended, and grows with the speed of the truck.

GUN FACTOR has not been configured correctly if an operator has to manipulate stripe length in order to get the desired length on the road.  For example, setting stripe length at 8.5′ to get a 10′ stripe means that the GUN FACTOR feature is not utilized .  Adjusting the stripe length has the unintended consequence of changing the measured distance applied by each gun. This can compromise the accuracy of distance counters and material application rates.  Be confident that your Skip-Line Data Logger reports are precise with a calibrated system.

To calibrate GUN FACTOR, follow these simple steps:

  1. Calibrate the truck by driving a known distance and adjusting the calibration number in each Skip-Line controller.

  2. Paint a few skips with each gun, and mechanically adjust the guns until they each paint approximately the same length stripes.

  3. Adjust the gun factor number until the stripe length on the controller matches the measured stripe length on the road. (increasing gun factor causes the measured stripe length to decrease – and vice versa.)

  4. Enjoy knowing that your stripes and counters will be accurate regardless of truck speed!

 Happy Striping!


Note:  Operators using Skip-Line’s new SC-12 Control System have an optional Stripe Length Correction feature, which accurately calculates a gun factor for the operator.

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