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Preventative Maintenance

Where did 2016 go?

As the striping season ends, we would like to remind you that the off-season is the ideal time to address issues with your vehicle and Skip-Line products. If you were not aware, we offer preventative maintenance. A technician will inspect and test your Skip-Line products and look for potential failure points (such as worn switches or damaged communication jacks). Please call Skip-Line at 541-963-0111 to schedule preventative maintenance that will help keep you on the road in the spring.


Datum Point – What is it?

You may have noticed your new SC-12 Control System or MST-14 Mini Skip Timer comes standard with a new feature called Datum Point.  Now, what does it do?

Datum Point delays the start of the application until a point in front of the carriage is reached. Instead of using the carriage to paint from, the operator picks and flags a point closer to the front of the vehicle to target.

Datum Point solves several common road marking problems.

Problem 1- Bead Coverage:  Your lines generally won’t have full bead coverage when you first start a pattern. Beads are gravity fed and are relatively slow to reach the pavement (between 100 to 500 milliseconds). In comparison, high-pressure paint reaches the road nearly instantaneously. If a vehicle is travelling at 15 MPH and both the bead gun (with a 250ms fall time) and the paint gun (nearly instantaneous) are turned on at the same time, the beads will arrive on the ground ~5.5 feet AFTER the paint reaches the pavement.

Therefore, the bead guns will need to turn on before the paint guns. A properly calibrated skip timer compensates for the delay on all subsequent cycles, but not when the operation first begins (the first cycle). The result is partial bead coverage at the beginning of the pattern.

Solution:  Datum Point corrects this by setting a point in the future for the target, which allows the skip timer to turn guns on before the paint.

Problem 2 – Visibility:  You can’t see what the guns are doing. Common in single-operator striping operations, it can be very difficult to monitor the striping operation, keep the vehicle aligned, and watch the road.

Solution: With Datum Point, you can set the target point to be in a visible location, such as off the front bumper.

Problem 3 – Precision:  In high-precision applications (such as airports or metropolitan areas), you find it difficult to hit the target point.

Solution: Datum Point lets you line up the vehicle just right while stopped or going slow. Once you’re lined up with the target and engage your pattern switches, you have the opportunity to accelerate the vehicle before the guns actually fire. Datum Point reduces the timing and precision errors of working with tight spaces and tight specs.



Rework Trigger

The Rework Trigger is a handy (pun intended) accessory for almost any SC-12 Control System or MST-14 Mini Skip Timer.  


Call your preferred Skip-Line® distributor to order a Rework Trigger, or call us at (541) 963-0111 to learn more.

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Semi-Auto Mode allows the operator to target the beginning of previous markings AND apply the desired stripe length. Manual Mode gives the operator precision control of the application using the trigger.

  • Plug-and-Play Compatibility
  • Ideal for Matching Rework
  • Semi-Auto/Manual Toggle
  • Connect to any Hub or MST-14
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Works Great with Datum Point

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