The CVO-312

Skip-Line, Inc. is excited to introduce the new CVO-312 Video Overlay and Crosshair Generator!  This is one of those rare occasions where operator safety and functionality go hand-in-hand. Now you can see your truck speed and application rates right on your video guidance monitor without taking your eyes off of the road.  Or, replace that hazardous pointer bar guidance system with a video guidance system and enjoy all of these features.

The CVO-312 field testers have responded with a BIG thumbs up.  One tester said, “Send us a bill, you’re not getting it back!”  Another driver said purchasing the CVO-312 would be worth every penny from a safety standpoint alone.

Not only does the CVO-312 work with all Skip-Line Datalogger systems, it can also work directly with your Skip-Line Road Marking System.  The CVO-312 integrates with your existing hardware making this upgrade quick and easy!

  • The full-color Crosshair Generator allows you to see your guidance lines on any roadway surface.
  • The touchscreen monitor allows for easy on-the-fly operator adjustments.
  • The application rates warn you if you’re driving too fast or slow, or if some parameter is out of spec.
  • The driver no longer has to look to the side to see the digital speedometer. See it in any size or color right on the monitor screen.
  • Reduces cab clutter by combining the following devices into one:
    • Video Switch (for up to four video camera inputs)
    • Crosshair Generator
    • Data Logger Monitor
    • Speedometer

Skip-Line will begin taking orders for this exciting new product in January 2013.  Order yours today through your preferred OEM provider
Not sure yet?  Let us prove it’s worth it to your crews by giving you a free 30-day demo for one of your trucks.  If you don’t like it, just send it back.  Act soon as this offer will expire March 31st, 2013, and quantities are limited.
Check out our CVO-312 product page or call our customer service team at (541) 963-0111 for more information on this great new technology!



CVO Screen


Posted on December 19, 2013 in New Products

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