Spec-Rite Acquires Skip-Line to Make Markings Smarter

Spec-Rite Acquires Skip-Line to Make Markings Smarter 

Adams Center,  NY – January 20, 2020 – Spec-Rite®, LLC, (“Spec-Rite”), a transportation safety, data, and software company formed in 2018, is pleased to announce the purchase of Skip-Line, Inc. (“Skip-Line®”), a leading manufacturer of equipment and technology for the pavement marking industry.  Skip-Line celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019 and plays a valuable role in delivering pavement markings on highways and runways each day.

This transaction will allow Spec-Rite to deliver its pavement marking management software to the highway markets using Skip-Line’s family of products and market reach.  The synergies from this transaction will also accelerate “smart” products to market from Skip-Line which improve the application and management of pavement markings for human and machine vision.  Pavement markings play a valuable role in highway safety and can reduce accidents and fatalities.

“Skip-Line started in Vic Shinsel’s basement in the late 1960s when Vic invented the first electronic timing system for road marking vehicles.  The Skip-Line controller has been integral hardware found on most paint trucks in North America.  The opportunity to purchase this legendary company and build upon its success is very exciting for Spec-Rite,” said John McNeely, CEO of Spec-Rite.  John McNeely recently sold Hi-Lite Airfield Services, the leading airfield markings contractor in North America. 

“Spec-Rite is empowering us to better meet the needs of customers. Skip-Line has developed so many great relationships over the years, we can’t wait to give our industry friends and partners more tools to succeed in making roadways safer.” said Brian Kausler, president of Skip-Line.

“Skip-Line is the gold standard of pavement marking controls.  We couldn’t be more excited about the people and the culture that make Skip-Line great and we’re honored that we have an opportunity to play a part in helping them reach new goals.” Michael Boeger, CSO Spec-Rite.

Skip-Line is committed to serving its customers with high-quality products and operational support.  The company is also focused on delivering smart components for pavement marking applicators, water blasters, grinders, hand liners, retroreflectometers, and road dryers.  Skip-Line will continue to operate from La Grande OR.

During ATSSA 2020 in New Orleans, Skip-Line will be unveiling the Pigeon™, a highly adaptable piece of hardware ingenuity to send data from your paint truck to the cloud.

About Spec-Rite LLC

Spec-Rite is a full-service data and software management business providing software, smart equipment, training, and assessment services.  The combination of software with hardware produces real-time data to improve performance, reduce cost, and increase asset utilization. 

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