Skip-Line by Spec-Rite Introduces Smart Equipment and New Pavement Marking Technology

Skip-Line by Spec-Rite Introduces Smart Equipment and New Pavement Marking Technology

Skip-Line® by Spec-Rite recently introduced our new products and services at the ATSSA (American Traffic Safety Services Association) Annual Traffic Expo and at NPE (National Pavement Expo). 

We launched PIGEON, our new connection for Skip-Line controllers, demonstrated our pavement marking management software and shared our vision of smart markings. Kevin MacVittie, Chief Technology Officer for Skip-Line by Spec-Rite® mentions that “through our merger, we have brought our expertise in software and asset management to the existing Skip-Line hardware and cloud solutions.” 

From left to right: Kevin MacVittie, Michael Boeger, Brian Kausler, Kurt Pearson, John McNeely, Rob Oram, Erick Yepez, Richard "Bub" McNeely, Mike Lindell

Spec-Rite Software

  • Offers a holistic view of equipment field status, location, material usage rates, and condition.
  • Over-the-air firmware updates will be available soon to make improvements and changes directly from the cloud without the need for human interaction.
  • Allows to export reports with detailed information such as job quantities, environmental conditions, and equipment used will be available in a variety of formats including pdf and excel.
  • Connects into third-party equipment such as the Zirocco Dryers and Delta Retroreflectometers.


  • The Pigeon is a highly adaptable piece of hardware used to send data from your paint truck to the cloud.
  • Eliminates the need for paper reports by automatically sending live reports directly to the office from the cloud.
  • Allows users to plug and play on existing Skip-Line equipment.


  • Graco 250 Skip-Line by Spec-Rite edition.
  • Features a full spec data logger including the SC-12 system for controls.
  • Integrated gun raisers including three for each paint gun.
  • Pattern presets are also available to save paint patterns.

Zirocco Dryers 

  • Most effective solution for drying and cleaning surfaces at airports, on roads, bridges and other areas before the completion of crack repair/joint sealing, road/line marking, road safety tape application and asphalt paving.
  • Extend the number of operating days for marking and surface repair equipment.
  • Enables contractors to finish the work much faster and to the satisfaction of their clients.

Skip-Line SC-12 Road Marking Vehicle Control System

  • Provides advanced striping and truck control capabilities by creating a single, integrated electronic system for nearly the entire striping truck.
  • New smart manifold is incorporated into the solenoid block removing all wiring from the carriage out to the console which cuts down on installation time.

DELTA LTL-X Hand-Held Reflectometer

  • Outperforms other makes of handheld retroreflectometers for pavement markings in relation to measurements of night visibility (RL), incl. handling of white and yellow markings with no adjustments.  
  • Offers seamless integration with the Spec-Rite software to manage quality and compliance.

Our experts are available to answer your questions and help address your needs. Please contact us to learn more about our new technologies and solutions. We help you succeed in making roadways safer.

About Skip-Line by Spec-Rite

Spec-Rite is a full-service data and software management business providing software, smart equipment, training, and assessment services.  The combination of software with hardware produces real-time data to improve performance, reduce cost, and increase asset utilization. 

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