Skip-Line and iCone Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Roadside Safety with the Internet of Traffic Control

Skip-Line and iCone Products have recently collaborated to expand both companies’ networks with the common goal of improving roadways safety. iCone’s IoR – Internet of RoadWork™ dramatically expanded its coverage with moving-Work Zone data as a result of integrating Skip-Line’s smart pavement marking controls and data log devices to iCone’s IoR.  Both iCone and Skip-Line embrace jobsite safety as a main principle of their product offerings. iCone has developed a suite of Connected Tech products that collects and transmits real-time information about the status of the roadways into the cloud. An industry leader in pavement marking controls, Skip-Line manufactures both marking equipment and devices that continuously log data such as device location, diagnostics, system parameters, and more. By Skip-Line directly sending their data from their Pigeon, HDVO-318, and DL-18 devices to iCone’s IoR, iCone is now able to provide navigation apps such as  Waze® and Google Maps® about road striping activities, further improving safety for motorists and construction crews.

Previously, iCone’s network of connected equipment consisted of roadway construction operations such as temporary work zones and lane closures.  By adding Skip-Line’s products, iCone is now able to integrate striping projects through automatic communications from equipment embedded inside critical roadway infrastructure. This connected platform leads to safer roadways, smarter logistics, and more intelligent navigation. [Insert quote from Skip-Line]. 

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About Skip-Line – Skip-Line is the leading manufacturer of electronic controls for long-line (large) road-marking vehicles in North America. In January of 2020, Skip-Line merged with Spec-Rite Systems, a data technology company pioneering airfield marking management. With Skip-Line hardware and Spec-Rite data management, the two companies have come together to make a single vision possible – to make pavement markings smarter and safer. Spec-Rite Online is the backbone of a new data technology platform that will connect the world.

About iCone – iCone Products, LLC is guiding the future of Work Zone Safety. As the creator of the IoR – Internet of RoadworkTM, iCone has developed a suite of ConnectedTech products that collects and transmits real-time information about the status of the roadways into the cloud. Navigation applications, traffic control centers, and contractors receive the information to assist motorists in navigation, protect crews in work zones, and create an overall safer environment on public roadways around the world. As an integrated technology platform, iCone’s devices can mark virtually anything that may intrude upon a public right-of-way that would cause a vehicle to change either its speed or direction of travel.

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