Intelligent Markings Management Systems at ATSSA 2021

Intelligent Pavement Marking Management Systems at ATSSA's 2021 Virtual Traffic Expo

Michael Boeger, Skip-Line’s CSO, will be moderating the Intelligent Marking Management Systems education session at ATSSA’s 2021 Virtual Conference. The session will provide an overview on how to create and implement an Intelligent Pavement Marking Management System (PMMS). The session underscores the increasing value of pavement markings for motorists, agencies, and contractors as complexity in the industry continues to grow. 

The session brings together industry experts from the roadway safety and infrastructure industry. The speakers include: 

  • Greg Driskell, President, PPP, Inc.
  • Jeff Wilkens, President, Epic Solutions, Inc.
  • Kevin MacVittie, Chief Technology Officer, Spec-Rite Online
  • Paul Carlson, Chief Technology Officer, Road Infraestucture Inc.

An Intelligent Pavement Marking Management System (PMMS) aggregates application, inventory, performance, and cost data to improve oversight and safety. Learn how you can save time, money, and lives by creating a PMMS today.

To watch the webcast, tune in to ATSSA’s virtual convention on Wednesday, Feb 10, 2021 at 1 PM EST.

Click here for more information and to download course materials

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