8 Tips to Prepare for the Busy Striping Season

8 Tips to Prepare for the Busy Striping Season

As many regions around the country resume work on roads, we are sharing  tips to help you maximize the use of your marking controllers and monitoring systems.  

1. Safety

Safety is the #1 priority at a job site. Wearing PPE is critical to protecting workers from hazards and injuries. Identifying pinch points before starting a shift will help to minimize potential risks. Follow your safety protocols and ensure your safety manual is up to date. Reach out to your Supervisor to ensure you have all the personal protective equipment necessary for your job.

2. Protect your Work Zone with WAZE

With traffic increasing, work zone safety is paramount to any road construction operation. Protect your crews, equipment, and their work.  Spec-Rite Online seamlessly integrates with the WAZE app to alert drivers as they approach your work zone.  Increase drivers’ situational awareness by enabling this feature on Spec-Rite Online.  Please contact Customer Success for assistance.  

3. Protect Your Equipment from the Elements

Protect your investment with a customized enclosure. Skip-Line recently released an enclosure designed specifically for SC-12 masters. The enclosure features a remote trigger CAN Port and a 75 & 100 VESA Mounting Pattern system. It has been engineered to connect supply from either side (45 cable on both sides are identical).

4. Quality Control

Use Spec-Rite Online as a quality control tool for marking application.  SkyView, our interactive map, allows you to visualize if your work is within the performance thresholds for the job.  If your system includes full-spec data logging, you can monitor performance targets across the entire job and monitor application rates, materials, thickness, bead rates, and environmental variables.  If you only have a Pigeon, you can still keep track of certain variables such as speed and material usage which will help you monitor material spend and determine if you are overapplying in specific areas. 

5. Run the Latest Software Updates

Bullet-proof your uptime by having the latest software updates installed.  Keep in mind update files are created on a serial number basis. Having the appropriate serial number is crucial.  Attempting installation of an update file created for a different serial number will fail. Make sure your OEM and/or Skip-Line has the correct serial numbers prior to requesting an update.

6. Automate Reporting

Now is the perfect time to contact our Customer Success Manager and set up all the your required reporting settings.  Keep all stakeholders informed.  Easily automate reports with various frequencies and formats.  Keep information flowing from the field to the office or to any other agency/institution. 

7. Troubleshooting

Our SC-12 system allows for remote troubleshooting.  Having your serial numbers readily available is necessary when requesting support.  The About screen in the SC-12 system provides information that is useful for troubleshooting your particular system. Refer to this page to find your particular system’s revision number. This information, along with the model and serial numbers of your device, speeds troubleshooting efforts.  

8. Fast Track Training with Advanced Features

Are you taking advantage of our striping assistance features? Paint Rate and Bead Rate provide a competitive edge to your striping operation.  

Paint Rate Controller

The paint rate controller automatically adjusts paint pressure to target desired paint thickness (in mils). It will increase or decrease the hydraulic or pneumatic pressure exerted on the material system to match the target material application rate.

Bead Rate Controller

The bead rate controller reduces operator load and increases material efficiency on vehicles with an SC-12 control system.

Keep in mind that these features require a DL-18 full data logging system and an active subscription to Spec-Rite Online.

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