Get Back To Work In Record Time With The SC-12 RetroCore

Stripers can go back to work in record time with the SC-12 RetroCore, the world’s fastest paint truck upgrade. The SC-12 RetroCore enables stripers to have a drop-in replacement for an older system and provide newer technology and features associated with the industry-leading Skip-Line SC-12 platform. The SC-12 RetroCore was designed to be a direct drop-in replacement for the SM-5 system, which was the standard in the market for over 25 years. Prominent features of the SC-12 RetroCore include expandability and the ability to maintain the same configuration of the legacy SM-5 system.

SC-12 RetroCore System Overview

The new SC-12 RetroCore system provides the network hub power filter and input-output features all in one box.  The SC-12 RetroCore seamlessly connects to the SC-12 master switch boxes and the bus 12 network hub using CAT 5 cables.  This connection makes the unit expandable and compatible with all the current SC-12 peripherals and offers the option to upgrade to more advanced striping systems such as the HDVO (high-definition video guidance) and DL-18 (data logging system).   

The SC-12 RetroCore comes in the same form factor as the SM 5, making the installation and the upgrade process as simple as possible. 

  • The system reuses the existing wiring schematic from the SM-5 on the 48-output slave unit. 
  • The RetroCore is pre-programmed and ready to accept the wiring that’s already in place. 
  • The four 12 pin connectors, including A through L connector are replaced. 
  • The SC-12 RetroCore is connected to the bus 12 in the front of the cab 
  • After establishing new communications for the switch boxes the system is ready to use.

System Components

The SC-12 RetroCore contains four components:

  • the SC-12 RetroCore itself with 48 outputs;
  • the bus 12 hub; and
  • two (2) skip timer master boxes.

The master boxes replace the existing SM-5 switch boxes. The SC-12 RetroCore unit itself is a drop-in replacement for the current SM-5 slave. 

An Innovative Solution to Upgrade Quickly in a Competitive Industry

First of all, stripers want a consistent standardized platform across all their equipment that they can expand with future needs, such as data loggers and other technology. They also want the ease of installation as opposed to rewiring an entire truck. That’s what the RetroCore provides to them,” mentions Mike Lindell, Director of Market Development for Skip-Line.    


A significant advantage of the SC-12 RetroCore is the amount of time it saves when upgrading from the SM-5 to the SC-12 system. What usually takes two to three days to install can now be accomplished in half a day. Another advantage is the reduction in the number of wires needed for the upgrade. For instance, when upgrading from the SM-5 to SC-12, the form factor of the existing SC-12 was larger and different than the SM-5. However, with the SC-12 RetroCore, there is the same form factor, same size, and exact configuration which reduces installation time considerably. The wiring reduction advantage allows the unit to be a true plug and play option allowing stripers to get back to work in record time. 

Expandability to the Latest Marking Technology

A notable benefit is the option to expand the system to the HDVO (high-definition video guidance) or to the DL-18 (data logging system).   

What’s the first step stripers can take to upgrade?

When considering to upgrade from the SM-5 with the SC-12 RetroCore the first step should be to provide Skip-line the serial numbers of the existing SM-5s. The serial numbers allow Skip-Line to retrieve information on the exact system, wiring configuration to outputs, and therefore, allows the SC-12 RetroCore to be  recreated to the same configurations. The SC-12 RetroCore fills a need with companies looking to upgrade their striping electronics very quickly, but without significant investments or alterations to their trucks.

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