3 Upgrade Benefits of the SC-12 RetroCore​

The Power of Spec-Rite Online Unlocked

The SC-12 RetroCore fills a need with companies looking to upgrade their striping electronics quickly, but without significant investments or alterations to their trucks. The SC-12 RetroCore helps striping contractors take their business to the next level with seamless Spec-Rite Online integration.  Every upgrade with the SC-12 RetroCore includes an Essentials subscription to the the Spec-Rite Online Platform.  Spec-Rite Online provides real-time information and data to manage the entire marking operation. Spec-Rite Online seamlessly integrates data from Skip-Timers to visualize all aspects of pavement markings in an interactive platform.  The SC-12 RetroCore along with Spec-Rite Online propel striping contractors to a new level of performance to meet and exceed modern-day striping demands. 


Spec-Rite Online combines software and smart equipment to reduce waste and ensure compliance.  Upgrading with the SC-12 RetroCore allows striping contractors access to new tools and features to manage materials and inventory.  From the field to the office, Spec-Rite Online empowers Managers with the right information at the right time to track material usage and retrieve information at any point in time.  Access to this information allows companies to proactively manage inventory to avoid shortages mid-job. 


2. Compliance with Specifications

Spec-Rite Online is a robust platform that provides real time information and data to help striping contractors manage their growing business.  The platform allows users to monitor real-time application rates across different jobs to ensure adherence with specifications. Companies with multiple crews in different states benefit by being able to easily switch from one job to the other in Spec-Rite Online’s interactive Dashboard.  In addition, Spec-Rite Online’s SkyView is used to drill down into specific segments of a job and gain detailed information such as location, material summary, pattern breakdown, calibrations and job telematics. This new level of visibility strengthens quality control and quality assurance programs to ensure compliant markings and safer roads. 


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3. Automatic Reporting

Spec-Rite Online automates reporting from the field to the office. By getting on the SC-12 platform with the RetroCore, equipment data can now be sent directly to Spec-Rite Online.  The new Skip-Line electronics simplify the transfer of critical job-related information to the appropriate stakeholders. Automated reporting preserves the integrity of data prone to mistakes when handwriting on paper.  The SC-12 RetroCore effortlessly digitizes the entire operation and gets rid of time-consuming and manual processes.  Real-time data improves accuracy in reporting; therefore, allowing striping contractors to invoice faster.  

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