Anticipated Technology Growth in the Marking and Striping Industry

Anticipated Technology Growth in the Marking and Striping Industry

La Grande, OR — In a recent interview with Pavement Maintenance Magazine, Brian Kausler, President for Skip-Line underscores the advancements in the marking and striping industry over the last decade. The article is part of the Technology Update of Pavement Maintenance magazine’s October/November 2021 issue.  

One of the main topics in the article is Spec-Rite Online and the benefits of providing real-time information and data to help contractors manage pavement markings. Specifically to the Spec-Rite Online platform, Kauler points out that “as a company, we feel that it is our duty to collect data and help decision-makers make the best decisions possible with their limited resources. We are constantly innovating and are engineering our products to complement the needs of the market. For example, we’ve created, and will continually develop, the Spec-Rite Online platform to understand road markings like never before.” 


Additionally, Kausler makes reference to the leading Skip-Line SC-12 marking controllers and their ability to empower stripers with advanced features and functionality. Kausler explains that “you can’t expect operators to keep a truck operational, worry about alignment, line widths, temperatures, pressures, patterns, and application rates for paint and beads without assistance tools. That level of skill, attention to detail, and experience are rare in today’s labor market.” 

It’s an exciting time for the striping industry,” concluded Kausler.

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