Optimize Striping Precision & Accuracy with the Skip-Line Line Pilot XP

Optimize Precision and Accuracy with the Skip-Line Line Pilot XP

Watch the Line Pilot XP in action!

The Perfect Addition to the HDVO

La Grande, OR –Skip-Line is excited to announce the launch of the Line Pilot XP for the High Definition Video Overlay (HDVO) system. The Line Pilot XP allows operators to focus on the road to increase precision and accuracy in their line marking application.  

The Line Pilot XP comes in a dedicated satellite box for seamless HDVO integration. The Line Pilot XP has five toggles to adjust on-screen line positioning the HDVO display such as location, tilt, and thickness. “The satellite switch box makes it easy to adjust cross hair lines while driving, that’s one of the main benefits the Line Pilot XP provides to operators” mentions Mike Lindell, Director of OEM Relations for Skip-Line.

Operation Benefits

  1. Easy Plug & Play. Operators can start using it right out of the box by simply connecting it to the BUS-012 network hub. (Users adding the Line Pilot XP to existing systems will be provided with a software update).
  2. Declutters Operation Area. The Line Pilot XP declutters the operator’s workspace by eliminating third-party cross hair control systems that include monitors and switch boxes. Adding the Line Pilot XP to an existing HDVO system allows operators to use one monitor instead of two, keeping everything under the Skip-Line product ecosystem.  
  3. Fast Track Operator Training. Operators can use the enhanced precision and accuracy offered by the Line Pilot XP to train new operators and achieve consistent and superior results.
  4. HDVO Expansion.  Operators upgrading to the HDVO benefit from a full range of new features such as advanced cross-hair guidance customization, viewing multiple camera feeds, and displaying key operating information over real-time video. Replace the speedometer box with an on-screen speedo and more.


Pre-Order Special: We are currently offering a special of 25% discount for pre-orders received by October 31st, 2021. Contact sales@skipline.com or call (541) 963-0111 to secure your Line Pilot XP today.    

Photo Contest: Enter to win a free Line-Pilot by submitting a picture of your HDVO in action. Email your picture to marketing@skipline.com. The winner will be announced on November 15th, 2021. We’ll throw a Skip-Line Swag Box as part of the grand prize.

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