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DL-12 Data Logging System

Skip-Line is pleased to announce our new flagship data logging product, the DL-12. This new data logging system (DLS) is the successor to the DL-08 and DL-09 DLS product lines. The DL-12 Data Logging System has a familiar feel, yet new approach on data logging and reporting. The DL-12 integrates seamlessly with the SC-12 Road Marking Vehicle Control System or MST-14 Mini Skip Timer by communicating with our new control products to discover the vehicle’s configuration and settings, which makes DL-12 setup simpler than any other DLS on the market. The DL-12 receives monitoring information from the skip timer and other sensors via a reliable wired (Cat5) network.

Additionally, the DL-12 Data Logging feature runs on our CVO-312 (Glass Cockpit) platform.  Existing CVO-312 devices are capable of upgrade to become full-spec data loggers.  The DL-12 is fully compatible with SM-5 systems, and is recommended for both new and retrofit data logger installations.

The DL-12 Data Logging System requires less operator input and attention than ever. Data logging is a breeze with the DL-12.

Data Loggers are essential tools for state agencies, local municipalities, and private contractors looking to reduce material waste and costly application mistakes.  The DL-12 Data Logging System was designed to be unobtrusive by working in harmony with the striping operation. When used in conjunction with the Skip-Line® Online Report Generator, the DL-12 is capable of automatic data uploads.  From the Online Report Generator, schedule automatic email or FTP reports or GIS exports for set-and-forget reporting.


  • Improved Efficiency
  • Tamper-Proof Data Security
  • Quick Job List Sorting
  • GPS
  • WiFi (for automatic data uploads)
  • Custom Reports
  • Compatible with SM-5, SC-12, MST-14


Learn More

Click the button to download the latest SC-12 Control System brochure, which provides more detail on the Glass Cockpit Interface and DL-12 Data Logging System.
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General Manager Brent Huntsman

After 24 years with Skip-Line, Brent Huntsman has decided to pursue another exciting opportunity. He’ll be with us at Skip-Line until the end of the year, after which he’ll continue to be a consulting resource for the company. His new pursuits will thankfully keep him and his family in the area.  It is a bittersweet time for Skip-Line.  We’re sad to see him go, but we’re excited for Brent to set out on a new adventure.

Feel free to call or email Brent and wish him well:
(541) 963-0111

Brent’s Tips


Photo: Brent and his family at his eldest son’s high school graduation.

Photo:  Brent and his wife Donna at their wedding in 1992

When I began attending Eastern Oregon University in the fall of 1991, I worked my way through school making wiring harnesses and printed circuit boards for Skip-Line. The MS-91 Striping system was emerging as an industry standard for long-line marking controllers, and we made a lot of them. At that time there was just three of us in the shop on a daily basis; we did a little bit of everything, and this became a foundation for learning the ins and outs of electronic controllers.

After graduation, I decided to stay at Skip-Line and continue to enjoy all of the rural, outdoor life advantages that Eastern Oregon has to offer. Working at Skip-Line allowed tremendous flexibility for pursuing hobbies such as hunting, camping, and winter sports. Later, it even allowed me to work on a Master’s degree in business while working full-time and raising a family with six kids.

After graduate school, I again opted to stay with Skip-Line and participated in upper-level management for the past 10 years. I am very pleased to have participated in growing the business to what it is today. Now, Skip-Line is on a strong growth path, with 17 employees and is pleased to be North America’s predominant road marking controller manufacturer.

It is with very mixed emotions that I say farewell to all of you in the Road Marking Industry, to pursue other opportunities. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with each of you over the past 24 years, and wish you the best in the years to come. I will remain in Eastern Oregon – the land that I love – and will be in regular contact with Skip-Line to assist with any issues that come up.

I have a deepened appreciation and respect for all that you do to keep our roadways safer. There is a great sense of satisfaction to have rubbed shoulders with each of you in this unique industry. I am daily reminded of your hard work – everywhere I go.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it all.

May your lines and your lives be forever straighter and brighter!


New Management Structure

Skip-Line has a new management team in place as the industry enters a new era of road marking products, practices, and reporting requirements . The new team is eager and capable to serve the road marking industry with excellent support and innovative products. Skip-Line will continue to grow and remain the industry source for road marking electronic controls and monitoring devices.

Vic Shinsel is still at the helm of Skip-Line, providing support, guidance, and inspiration to the new team.  Brian Kausler, Brad Nelson, and Andy Shinsel will be overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company.

CEO: Vic Shinsel

Chief Operations Officer: Brad Nelson (Production, OEM Relations)

Chief Business Officer: Brian Kausler (Sales & Marketing, Administrative)

Chief Technology Officer: Andy Shinsel (Engineering, Project Management)

Skip-Line, Inc.
phone:  (541) 963-0111
find us online at

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