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DELTA is the leading global supplier of retroreflectometers for improving driving safety for more than three decades.  The advanced and reliable measurement solutions – mobile as well as hand-held – are renowned for ensuring optimal conditions for all drivers. 



Excellence in measurements of retroreflectivity

Made-to-excellence in measurement, the LTL-X Mark II retroreflectometer has become a genuine success in the market. It outperforms other makes of handheld retroreflectometers for pavement markings in relation to measurements of night visibility (RL), incl. handling of white and yellow markings with no adjustments. In addition, the LTL-X Mark II lends itself well to measurements of high profiled markings up to 0.6 inch.

Easy-to-use retroreflectometer

An intuitive user interface, easily handled also when you wear gloves, fast and accurate acquisitions, GPS supported measurements and a built–in printer offer optimum working conditions. Measurements will be displayed, and printed instantly if needed. Data acquired can fast and seamless be uploaded to a PC for further analysis through a USB connection. Road Sensor Control (RSC) software is supplied with the instrument, and analysis support functions include transfer of data to e.g. Google Earth, which offers excellent overview of acquired data referenced to the exact measurement positions.

LTL-X Mark II handheld retroreflectometer

LTL-X Mark II is an upgraded model of LTL-X offering several new features like clearly visible color LED screen, large memory capacity of 200.000 measurements, recording of temperature and relative humidity and a simple one-step calibration process. It still has the unique features of LTL-X measuring retroreflection under continuous wetting, high profile marking measurement capability and fast measurement time of 1 sec.

High performance – and many measurements

The LTL-X Mark II retroreflectometer is a rugged instrument offering good ergonomic working conditions, including adjustable handle height for the operator, and in addition wheels. The performance of the instrument is high, its repeatability is better than +/- 2% and reproducibility better than +/-5%. Typically over 2500 measurements can be obtained per battery charge, thus eliminating downtime.

Dry, wet and continuous wet retroreflectivity

Developed to meet the requirements of the North American market under “dry”, “wet” and not least “continuous wetting” conditions, the LTL-X Mark II retroreflectometer has basically become a de facto standard for handheld measurements in this market as well as in several markets in Asia and Central & South America.

Traceability to PTB & NIST

LTL-X Mark II comes with two reference/calibration tiles, one for use in the field and one for storing in the company as the calibration tile. The latter is calibrated by DELTA’s accredited photometric lab, which has direct traceability to NIST & PTB.

LTL-M mobile retroreflectometer

The modern, easy-to-use retroreflectometer

LTL-M, the DELTA mobile retroreflectometer for measuring night visibility (RL) of pavement markings at traffic speed, is a new generation of mobile systems – and has already achieved a significant market penetration. The system solution outperforms other similar systems by offering better and more sophisticated solutions to mobile retroreflective measurements, including night visibility RL, daylight contrast, marking width, road stud (RRPMs) presence, etc.

Full coverage at normal traffic speed – day or night

Retroreflectivity measurements can be acquired at normal traffic speed, and during day or night at the user’s preference, hence avoiding dangerous incidents, where an operator must make handheld measurements in a busy road. Over 3,000 kilometers of road can be measured in a normal working week. A viewing field of 1×1 m2 makes it easy for a driver to cover a line.

High performance of even difficult targets

Employing advanced camera-based techniques and real-time digital image processing ensure accurate measurement results under all driving conditions. Embedded features such as compensation of vehicle bouncing, vertical lifting, tilting, as well as handling of difficult measurement conditions for e.g. very curved roads, large variations in stripe profile height, etc. have positioned LTL-M at top in mobile systems and certainly ahead of the first generation of systems as seen from other suppliers.

Overhead camera, DMI and link to Google Earth

LTL-M comes with GPS and can be delivered with DMI (Distance Measuring Instrument) and an overhead camera. GPS makes it possible to determine exactly where specific measurements have been carried out. An overhead camera supports additional visual inspection of problem areas when data are reviewed. Measurement data, GPS data and other recorded data will be automatically stored. Data can be linked to Google Earth.

Camera based measurements ensure optimum match to LKA and LDWS systems

The LTL-M retroreflectometer employs modern camera technology rather than limited laser solutions. Using correct illuminant “A” light source guarantees adhering to the standards – and ensures optimum match to the conditions used in modern vehicles, e.g. lane keeping assistance systems, LKA , and lane departure warning systems, LDWS.

Performance match to handheld retroreflective measurements

The system performance is high, offering a repeatability of typically +/-3% and a reproducibility of +/-5%, when compared to handheld, static measurements.

Fast to mount and calibrate retroreflectometer

Mounting and calibration of the LTL-M retroreflectometer can be done in 15 minutes, no other adjustments or control measures required.

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