Skip-Line DL-18 Data Logger

Zero Waste. One Platform. Everything You Need.

Data logging right at your fingertips, seamlessly integrating your smart equipment through Spec-Rite Online for a state of the art, industry leading experience. Customizable on the job reporting will keep you on top of things, showing you the data you need, when you need it, where you need it. 

The DL-18 is the most powerful piece of hardware you can have on any paint truck. Choose the widgets you need for the job. Monitor your operation in real-time and set your targets with LLAMA. Customize your view for each job with the DL-18 interface, keeping your eyes on the data most important to you.

Environmental Conditions


Set Targets with LLAMA

An essential tool for state agencies, local municipalities, and private contractors.  Reduce material waste and mistakes. 

Target Zero Waste

Use Advanced Controls (LLAMA)

Everything You Need

Handles All Material Types


Zero Waste. One Platform. Everything You Need.

Integrated Data Logging

Meet Demanding Job Specs

Real Time Monitoring

Key Job Information at a Glance

DL-18 Integrated Data Logging

Data Loggers are essential tools for state agencies, local municipalities, and private contractors looking to reduce material waste and costly application mistakes. The Integrated Data Logging feature was designed to be unobtrusive by working in harmony with the striping operation. The Integrated Data Logging runs on the Glass Cockpit interface.

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Tamper-Proof Data Security
  • Quick Job List Sorting
  • GPS
  • Built-In WiFi (for automatic data uploads)
  • On-the-Job Reporting

Unlock the Power of Spec-Rite Online

Spec-Rite Online provides real-time information and data to help you manage pavement markings. The system combines software and smart equipment to reduce waste and ensure quality and compliance.

Spec-Rite Online seamlessly integrates your smart equipment on a single dashboard, combining data from Skip-Timers, retroreflectivity assessments, and third-party equipment to visualize your striping operation.

Spec-Rite Online is available in two subscription levels; Essentials Suite and Precision Suite.

The DL-18 takes advantage of the full offerings of the Precision Suite.