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Whether you are managing your fleet or third-party contractors, Spec-Rite Online (SRO) provides a comprehensive platform for developing a pavement marking management program (PMMP).  PMMP is aimed at improving both pavement marking performance and Agency oversight to deliver higher levels of safety, real time tracking, and precise asset management. 

You know exactly how important it is to maintain bright, reflective markings. Your family and friends drive these roads every day. Making them as safe as possible, with application occurring day and night, during maintenance and construction operations, with large and small contractors, using state and/or private crews, in every corner of the state or province, is no easy feat.  SRO was designed from the ground up with the help of inspectors, applicators, and other transportation specialists to manage these challenges with an eye on delivering a higher level of safety for drivers.  

Our Process

Step 1

Monitor application rates to reduce waste and ensure proper bead embedment

Step 2

Use Spec-Rite Online for asset tracking and planning

Step 3

Integrate retroreflectivity data to track marking performance and prioritize problem areas

Step 4

Take paint and retroreflectivity data, combine it with specifications, traffic, and weather information, and paint a picture of the smart decision, every time.

Main Features

Paperless Reporting

Eliminate the timely hassle of paper reports by automatically reporting job-related data directly from the field to the office. Along with saving paper, this frees time from field personnel’s schedules and allows them to focus on other priorities

Live Fleet GPS Tracking

Gain a holistic view of what your fleet is doing and where it located. Get equipment location, speed, and distance via mag wrap in real-time.

Reduce Waste

Inventory Control

Hands-Free Logging

Data logging should be a tool and not a burden, It shouldn’t take away from the job at hand. With Skip-Line products, data logging becomes seamless and works in the background - so you can focus on the job.

Quality Control- Remotely monitor real-time application rates

Keep track of quantities and material usage. Have accurate data of machine operating time. Monitor machine service hours to schedule future maintenance and repairs.


Quality Control

Remotely monitor real-time application rates. Keep track of quantities and material usage. Measure application per specification including ambient conditions. Monitor equipment calibration frequency and accuracy. Ensure products are performing to their expected levels and lifecycle.


Brighter Lines and Technology to Save Lives. Exclusive Waze notification for striping operations and other moving operations. Manage your horizontal markings to higher retroreflectivty and deliver better visibility for drivers, improved machine vision, and manage older driver and rural road marking programs. Reduce run off the road accidents and provide better guidance for highway users.

Be Green

Cloud powered to reduce resources and perform longer. Eliminate paper reports, emails, and digital drives by automatically reporting job-related data directly from the field to the office. Manage markings to their full lifecycle reducing wasted paint, beads, labor and other resources where they are not necessary.

Asset and Data Management

As a tool to improve decision making. Gain a holistic view and control of your system-wide pavement marking program. Improve the output of your investments and resources. Know what products are applied where and the how they are performing.

Hardware Requirements

SC-12 or MST-14

Pigeon or HDVO-318 (essentials)

DL-18/DL-12 (precision)

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