HDVO-318 & DL-18

HDVO-318 / DL-18
HD Video Overlay with Integrated Data Logging
Glass Cockpit

The HDVO-318 Glass Cockpit system is capable of high-definition video guidance with low latency. Striping truck drivers can customize guidance cross-hairs, view multiple camera feeds, and display key operating information over real-time video. The integration of video and data simplifies driver responsibilities and promotes safer driving.

Connect a Glass Cockpit to the vehicle’s reverse signal and a rear-view camera to have automatic backup video, creating an even safer experience. The HDVO-318 offers picture-in-picture for continuous rear camera display.

Advanced System Diagnostics

The Glass Cockpit includes a set of diagnostic tools that help minimize downtime by getting to the root of potential issues quickly.

Every Skip-Line Control System and Glass Cockpit peripheral device provides diagnostic feedback. Monitor device current, switch health, J-Type thermocouples, and 4-20mA signals using Glass Cockpit diagnostics.

The Glass Cockpit is even capable of recording all network traffic – allowing Skip-Line technicians to observe system conditions and provide precise troubleshooting tips remotely.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor vehicle speed, application rates, temperatures, pressues, and material usage with widgets overlaid on camera feeds or a custom monitoring tab.

Keep an eye on instant mil thickness, bead tank levels, or other key operating information with a glance. Mix and match the monitoring items that are most important to any job.

Control Peripheral Functions

The Glass Cockpit optionally controls most road marking vehicle peripheral functions, such as:

  • Work Lights
  • Material Temperatures
  • Application Rates
  • Pressures
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Values
  • Carriage Position

Simple Configuration

The Glass Cockpit is highly customizeable and easy to configure. Simply place relevant control, monitoring, or assistance widgets on nearly any tab.

Since every striping operation is unique, the crew can place whichever metrics and controls they deem most important right on the video feed.

Operators can easily build and save setup parameters for a quick system set up. With a few touches of the screen, an operator can bring the entire vehicle to operating temperatures and pressures—which gets them on the job faster.

Line Pilot XP

Manage cross hair lines on the fly with the Line Pilot XP. The Skip-Line Line Pilot XP makes it easy to adjust and fine-tune cross hair lines on the HDVO while driving. Operators can use toggles to adjust on-screen line positioning. Adjust location, tilt, and thickness of existing crosshair lines on the HDVO display. The Skip-Line Line Pilot XP comes in a dedicated satellite box for seamless HDVO integration. 

data logging should be a tool, not a chore

DL-18 Integrated Data Logging

Data Loggers are essential tools for state agencies, local municipalities, and private contractors looking to reduce material waste and costly application mistakes. The Integrated Data Logging feature was designed to be unobtrusive by working in harmony with the striping operation. The Integrated Data Logging runs on the Glass Cockpit interface.

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Tamper-Proof Data Security
  • Quick Job List Sorting
  • GPS
  • Built-In WiFi (for automatic data uploads)

On-The-Job Reporting

Print a job summary including material usage and application rate data directly from the vehicle with the Current Activity report option. If more specific information is needed, use the onboard report generator to build custom reports right from the truck.

  • Custom Reports
  • Job & Crew Information
  • Application Rates
  • Total Material Usage
  • Material Temperatures & Pressures
  • Vehicle Positioning & Speed
  • Environmental Conditions
the data you need when you need it

Spec-Rite Online

Spec-Rite Online provides real-time information and data to help you manage pavement markings. The system combines software and smart equipment to reduce waste and ensure quality and compliance.

Spec-Rite Online seamlessly integrates your smart equipment on a single dashboard, combining data from Skip-Timers, retroreflectivity assessments, and third-party equipment to visualize your striping operation.

Spec-Rite Online is available in two subscription levels; Essentials Suite and Precision Suite.

Compare Subscription Levels

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HDVO-318 Package Guide

Glass Cockpit Interface

  • HDVO-318
    • HD Video Overlay and Crosshair Generator
  • 1080P Monitor
    • High-definition touchscreen monitor

Glass Cockpit touchscreen control and monitoring interface with video overlay and crosshair generator. The Glass Cockpit expands your Skip-Line Control System to new capabilities and customization with numerous monitoring and control widgets.

Bead Monitoring

  • CHS-112 Bead Scale
    • Scale head for load cell input

Scale head only (load cells not included)

Data Logging & Reporting

  • Integrated Data Logging
  • WiFi Transmission

Turn your Glass Cockpit into a full-spec data logger. Includes custom entry fields, commenting, GPS-tagged records, and on-board report generation. Transmit data automatically to the Skip-Line Online Report Generator with built-in WiFi.

Spec-Rite Online

  • Annual Subscription

Seamlessly integrate your smart equipment on a single dashboard, combining data from Skip-Timers, retroreflectivity assessments, and third-party equipment to visualize your striping operation.

Full-Size Printer

  • Full-Size Printer

Proportional Paint

  • Carriage Control
    • Glass Cockpit Carriage Position Controller
    • 2-output 4-20mA unit

Open-loop control of hydraulic or pneumatic pumps based on vehicle speed and total line width. This feature automatically slows or speeds pumps via proportional valves (not included).

Bead Application Rate Controller

  • Bead Rate Control
    • Glass Cockpit Bead Rate Controller
    • 2-channel 4-20mA analog input unit

Linear Actuators

  • Custom Control
    • Glass Cockpit Custom Linear Actuators
  • CDRV-HB8
    • 8-channel (4 bi-directional loads) per unit
  • CDRV-HB16
    • 16-channel (8 bi-directional loads) per unit

Control bi-directional motorized actuators for signboards, cameras (lateral, zoom, focus, pan, tilt), and more.

Temperature Control & Monitoring

  • Temperature Control
    • Glass Cockpit Temperature Control
  • Temperature Monitoring
    • CTH-512 Sensor
    • 4 J-Type thermocouple inputs per unitSensor input only (thermocouples not included)

Glycol heat and furnace thermostat functionality control on the Glass Cockpit (thermocouple sensors not included).

Pressure Control

  • Pressure Control
    • Glass Cockpit Pressure Control
    • Combo 2-input, 2-output 4-20mA unit

Digital Signal Inputs & Passthroughs

  • Custom Inputs
    • Glass Cockpit Custom Signal Inputs
    • 4 optically isolated digital signal inputs
    • 8 optically isolated digital signal inputs
    • 16 optically isolated digital signal inputs

Monitor RPM’s, external toggle switches, proximity/limit switches, transmission signal, or other sensors for warnings and control. Reduce wiring for lights and more by using system as a passthrough.