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January 2016 Issue

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ATSSA 2016

We’ll be there!

2015 has come and gone – which means we’re looking forward to visiting with old friends, and making new friends this year at the annual 2016 American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) Traffic Expo!  We will be there with several of our fantastic new products, including the SC-12, DL-12, and MST-14.  We’ve been humbled to see the enormous amount of excitement in the industry about these new products.  Stop by for a quick 1-on-1 training, or just see what’s new and get to know some of the newer faces on our team!

We are pleased to announce that our entire management team (Vic Shinsel: CEO and founder, Brad Nelson: COO, Brian Kausler: CBO, and Andy Shinsel: CTO) will be present this year along with Aqeel Rasheed (Outside Sales & Training).

Find us at the ATSSA Expo under our banner (pictured above).  
We’ll be at booth #1234 – a hard one to forget!

Sunset Plans:

SM-5 Skip Timer, MST-02, DL-08/09 Data Loggers

Our flagship product for nearly 20 years has been the SM-5 Skip Timer. This hardy product grew to become the industry standard for road marking controls, and can be found on nearly every continent! The SM-5 has a rich history and legacy that we’re proud of.

Twenty years on the market for an electronic device, however, is nearly unheard of – consider that the cellular “brick” phone was developed at the same time as the SM-5!  Components are becoming harder and harder to source, and we’ve been asked by some of our suppliers to make last-time buys. Skip-Line won’t sell new systems that we may not be able to support for at least 5 years.  Due to these reasons, and others, we have begun plans to sunset active production for the SM-5, SM-6, SM-7 lines. Additionally, the MST-02, DL-08, and DL-09 are also being discontinued.

We will be making last-time buys of components from our vendors for these products that we anticipate will cover our supply needs for the “Extended Support Period”.  During this Extended Support Period, replacement units and repairs will be available as long as supplies last (we are aiming for five years).  Of course, we’ll repair what we can for as long as we can after the support period, but we do recommend migrating your fleets to the recommended replacement product lines gradually over the upcoming years to ensure that your equipment is always serviceable and repairable to maximize your uptime.

Reasons for End-of-Life:

  • Critical components are no longer being manufactured or supported by our vendors
  • Industry requirements have reached performance limitations of the hardware
  • Superior replacements are available
Important Dates:

  • End-of-Life:  May 31st, 2016
  • Extended Support Periods:
    • SM-5/6/7 & MST-02 Skip Timers: June 2016 through May 2021
    • DL-08/09 Data Loggers: June 2016 through May 2019 
If you have concerns or want to know more about how these changes affect your business or fleet, please contact your vehicle manufacturer or Skip-Line for more information.  We want to help make this transition as smooth as possible!

Skip-Line, Inc.
phone:  (541) 963-0111
find us online at www.skip-line.com

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