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Skip-Line remains committed to providing quality custom solutions to the pavement marking industry.

New Product – SC-12 Cab Master

now available:

Full Control from the Front Cab

The SC-12 Road Marking Control System is now capable of adding a third Master switch box to any SC-12 Control System. The Cab Master can override either of the rear operator stations to take control of a carriage, making it convenient to perform single-operator operations. Never be down with a faulty switch again, since the Cab Master can replace either primary Master during a repair. When not overriding another switchbox, the Cab Master displays animated pattern previews from both carriages.

Benefits include:

  • dual pattern preview provides situational awareness of the striping operation
  • no downtime due to switch malfunctions
  • monitor speed and counters in the front cab
  • conveniently take control of a carriage

Please contact your Skip-Line® Distributor for pricing and ordering.

Vehicle configuration with a Cab Master

Screenshot from an overridden SC-12 Master.  The operator can take control back from the Quick Setup menu

Cab Master with dual pattern preview

also available:

CSS-712 Smart Speedo

The Cab Master (featured above) is also available in a toggle-free form. Called a “Smart Speedo”, the driver now has a dual pattern preview providing situational awareness of the striping operation and access to counter channels and gun settings.

Please contact your Skip-Line® Distributor for pricing and ordering.

In Case You Missed It

Skip-Line is continuously improving active product lines by adding features, enhancing usability, and polishing code.  Feel free to contact Skip-Line to see if there are any updates available for your MST-14, SC-12, DL-12, or CVO-312.

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