Long-Line Automated Material Application

  • Easy-to-use HDVO/DL-18 add-on that enables the driver/operator to maintain a consistent mil thickness while painting.
  • LLAMA calculates in real time to automatically adjust paint pressure to achieve your targeted mil thickness.
  • Controls the pressure exerted on the material system to match the target material application rate.

Save Money

Ensure accurate material application rates. Minimize material over-use to reduce costs.

Meet Specs

Reduce rework and warranty claims. Reduce under-application risks.

Apply the Desired Mil Thickness with LLAMA

Long-Line Automated Material Application

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Fast Track Training

Train your workforce faster.


Works with all material types and any pump configuration (low and high pressure).

Add LLAMA to the Skip-Line HDVO or DL-18 Data Logger

  • Boost striping performance with accurate material application rates.
  • Paint using the desired paint thickness.
  • Pair with Spec-Rite Online Precision for best results.

Increase Production Efficiency with LLAMA!

Documentation and Support:

LLAMA Brochure