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Easily align solid end points with skips

You may have noticed your new SC-12 Control System or MST-14 Mini Skip Timer comes standard with a new feature called Align Solids.  Now, what does it do?

Align Solids makes pattern changes easier and more accurate by withholding or extending solid lines until end points align with a skip. The most common uses of this feature are to 1) begin a newly engaged solid line with an upcoming skip, and 2) to end both a skip and a solid together.



Common Example 1:  The road marking pattern needs to transition from a single-skip pattern to a solid-skip pattern. With the Align Solids feature, the operator can now enable the SOLID pattern switch anytime in the gap– the solid gun will not turn on until it’s aligned with the skip.

Common Example 2:  A solid-skip pattern is ending (transitioning to a single skip or the end of all markings).  The operator flips the SOLID pattern switch to the OFF position in the gap to set the solid gun to align with the end of the skip.  A single-skip pattern can continue, OR the SKIP pattern switch can be flipped to the OFF position in the next gap to finish marking.

Existing MST-14/SC-12 Owners:  To add the Align Solids feature to any existing MST-14 or SC-12 system, please email your request to We will need the serial numbers from your MST-14 unit or SC-12 Master boxes.

Click here for the full feature instruction manual.


CVO-312 and DL-12 
An update is available for all CVO-312 and DL-12 units.



Download Update

Update Includes:

In addition to general software improvements, this update contains:

  • Bead Application Rate Bug Fixes
  • Faster Camera Switching
  • Scrambled Video Detection
  • Landscape Orientation Reports
  • OJ200 Printer Support

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