MST-14 Mini Skip Timer

The MST-14 Mini Skip Timer delivers a capable and intuitive road marking experience in a condensed package. Featuring a full-color display and easy-to-navigate menus, the MST-14 is perfect for smaller road marking vehicles.

Simplify reporting requirements with integrated basic data logging of distance counters, material usage, average mil thickness, and time-stamped GPS start and stop coordinates. Export data as an Excel spreadsheet to a USB flash drive.

Qualify for more jobs with the ability to meet specifications for any custom pattern, such as:

• Contrast and Black Patterns
• Reflective Marker Layout Patterns
• Multi-Mid Dots

many custom patterns & premium features are available

Standard Features

  • Pattern Preview
  • LED and Software Diagnostics
  • Guided Calibration Procedures
  • Four Bead and Four Auxiliary Gun Outputs
  • Instant and Average Application Rates
  • Rugged Sealed Toggle Switches
  • Gun Distance Offset & On/Off Time Factor
  • AutoCycle and Advance/Retard
  • Metric Unit Options
  • Datum Point (Delayed Start)
  • Remote USB Software Update Capability
  • Expansion Port (for additional accessories)