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Upgrade to the Latest Technology with the SC-12 RetroCore

For a limited time, purchase the SC-12 RetroCore for a special price of $8,888*!
*SM-5 trade-in required for deal. Place orders by September 30, 2021.

SC-12 RetroCore

The SC-12 RetroCore is the striping engine, network hub, power filter, and I/O box all in one box, providing a direct upgrade path from the Skip-Line SM-5 system to the industry-leading Skip-Line SC-12 platform. Form-factor compatible, with no need to re-wire or re-route any outputs. 

SC-12 RetroCore

Meet Modern-Day Striping Demands!

Simple plug & play installation​

Our specialized software and hardware enable the SC-12 RetroCore to instantly work with your system. Get equipment instantly on the cloud.​

Troubleshoot paint guns with digital LEDs

Troubleshoot paint guns from the driver's seat. See at a glance if the output is active to determine if it's electrical or mechanical. ​

Compatible with SC-12 peripherals​

Compatible with Pigeon, HDVO video guidance, rework triggers, speedometer/counter, auxiliary outputs, and gun raisers. ​

Real-time tracking of materials and patterns

Real-time tracking of materials and patterns

The SC-12 RetroCore is an effortless way to unlock your truck’s potential

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SM-5 trade-in required for deal. Enter the serial number of the SM-5 you want to trade-in below. Place orders by September 30, 2021.

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