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For Runways

Airfield Marking Assessments

Skip-Line conducts airfield marking assessments to establish a baseline of conditions to determine areas of critical need and prioritize areas of work to be performed.  In addition to retroreflectivity values, Skip-Line conducts visual condition inspections, confirmation of marking dimensions and locations as well as a complete inventory of markings.  Visual inspection criteria include bead embedment, paint conditions, contamination, bond and color. Markings are digitized into the Spec-Rite Online platform for data management, visualization and analysis.

Baseline Metrics

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Establishing baseline metrics are vital to predict maintenance and establish budgets and marking plans. However, they are also optional. Once the airport decides which metrics it wants to subscribe to, the information is collected by expert airfield technicians on the Spec-Rite Mobile Assessment Platform (MAP). The following baseline metrics are available:

Comprehensive Markings Compliance Inspection

Complete video/photo imagery with GPS reference points

FAA Part 139 & ICAO Marking Conditions Inspection

Complete Marking Dimension & Placement Verification

Equipment, Workforce & Material Analysis

All of the data is then entered into our patent pending Spec-Rite software platform which provides data that can be used for budgeting, FAA and ICAO inspection reporting, resource management and future work plans.

On-Going Assessments

Air traffic increases. Staff changes. Retro-reflectivity diminishes. FAA and ICAO compliance standards change. Keeping your airfield in compliance on a daily basis goes far beyond a one-time snapshot of your airfield. Ongoing monitoring is the solution to compliance and efficiency of your airfield markings program. Through our Spec-Rite On-Going Monitoring Services, the software platform remains up-to-date at a frequency customized for your airport. Annual monitoring services available are:

QA/QC for Airport Crews & Outside Service Providers

Workforce Training

Continuous Retroreflectivity

Markings Compliance Inspection

Markings Expert Q&A

Additional information can always be added by the airport team through the software platform and the iOS App.  Examples are:

Handheld Retroreflectivity Data

Spot Photos via the Spec-Rite App

FAA & ICAO Markings Self-Inspection

Daily Workforce Updates

Are you interested in Retroreflectivity Testing or  on-going airfield assessments?

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