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Spec-Rite Online

Pavement Markings Management Platform


Spec-Rite Online puts you back in the drivers seat, calling the shots. Real time information on fleet location, material usage, application performance and more enable you to be in the driver’s seat from your office. Take your business to the next level with Spec-Rite Online.

Delivering the Data You Need When You Need It

Spec-Rite Online provides real-time information and data to help you manage pavement markings. The system combines software and smart equipment to reduce waste and ensure quality and compliance.

Spec-Rite Online seamlessly integrates your smart equipment on a single dashboard, combining data from Skip-Timers, retroreflectivity assessments, and third-party equipment to visualize your striping operation. 

Spec-Rite Online is available in two subscription levels; Essentials Suite and Precision Suite. 


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SRO Features

Cloud Based

The software application, services and resources are on demand via the internet from our Spec-Rite secure servers. While on the road or at your desk information is readily available on the platforms of your choice: phones, tablets and computers.

GIS Based

All data collected is georeferenced, which allows our proprietary technologies to create interactive queries, analyze and edit data on maps, and present all of the results on your airfield.

Safe and Secure

All client data is backed up to industry standard Amazon S3 cloud storage daily via a secure connection. Backups are stored in a US data center using AES256 encryption

Material Usage

Get real-time material application rates to ensure compliance with specifications. Reduce material waste and costly over application.Increase retroreflectivity readings by applying the right amount of paint for bead embedment.

Bead usage (Via Scales)

Track bead usage and both average and real-time application rates. Increase retroreflectivity readings with proper bead coverage.

System Metrics

Monitor and record system temperatures and pressures. Track material temperatures to ensure they are applied to manufacturers’ specifications.

Environmental Conditions

Track ambient conditions and road surface temperatures to ensure they are applied to manufacturer specifications. See how materials perform when applied in different conditions.

Job Name (User Entries)

Log the job name, route, or project identifier for quick reporting. Use job naming to plan and coordinate the team.

Live Access

Access the Glass Cockpit metrics live to see what the team sees in real-time.

Inspector Print-Out

Print out an Activity Report to get material usage, application rates, distances, and job information for a quick inspector summary.

Full Spec QA Report

Create custom QA reports with a Skip-Line Representative to get the information most important to your organization’s success. Utilize templates and automated reporting to send the right reports to the right people - whether it is an inspector, supervisor, GIS engineer, tort claim specialist, or cost accounting personnel.

Spec-Rite Online Subscription Benefits

The Spec-Rite Online subscription includes the following benefits: Unlimited user access to Spec-Rite Online platform.

Service plan offering extended warranty on hardware for the length of the subscription.

• No cost warranty repairs while subscription is active. • Basic maintenance including inspection and testing. • Return ground shipping included.

Video Series and Training Program

• Access to library of equipment videos and training content. • Skip-Line systems and Spec-Rite Online tool.

Compare Subscription Levels

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Essentials Suite

 The Spec-Rite Online Essentials Suite provides a cost-effective introduction to data management, enabling asset tracking and automated reporting, saving you time, money and effort with your reporting requirements.

Precision Suite

The Spec-Rite Precision Suite provides a comprehensive platform for complete markings management, taking your company or organization to the next level with increased performance and decreased waste.

Spec-Rite Online (SRO) Takes Your Striping Operations to the Next Level

Information leads to better decisions. The key to the software is gathering data and distributing it to the people that matter to make better decisions.

By using Spec-Rite Online, you will…

SRO puts you back in the drivers seat, calling the shots. Real time information on fleet location, material usage, application performance and more enable you to be in the driver’s seat from your office.

Once you know what is out of compliance, maintenance crews can concentrate on the work that needs to be done, instead of work that meets standards.

Be in Compliance with project specifications. Inspections are easy when you have excellent records, a plan and know what work needs to be done.

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