Thousands of contractors count on Skip-Line’s technology to get the job done.

With advances in optics, electronic controls, and software enablement, Skip-Line delivers the next level of full control of paint application, truck-and-job tracking and reporting.

Skip-Line technology enables almost any paint truck to be a Smart Paint Truck™ – ensuring no wasted material, time, or lost opportunities to grow.


Striping Control

Simply, the most advanced skip timer technology on the market!  Our systems provide unmatched diagnostics features with enhanced in-the-field awareness and troubleshooting capability.

Material Management

LLAMA calculates in real time to automatically adjust paint pressure to achieve your targeted mil thickness.

Controls the pressure exerted on the material system to match the target material application rate.

Smart Technology

We develop new technologies to improve painting quality. Our ultimate goal is for contractors to make more money while providing a better quality product on our highways throughout North America and worldwide.”

Highway Retroreflectivity

Developing a program to measure nighttime retroreflectivity for highway markings is critical to highway safety.

Highway Retroreflectivity

Transform Your Old Paint Trucks into Smarter Striping Machines with Skip Line’s Advanced Retrofit Technology!

Installation and Training

We’re also your one-stop solution for all your striping needs, ensuring your projects run smoothly and efficiently.