The Story Behind Better Striping


SKIP-LINE® is the industry leader in pavement marking controls.  We focus on helping stripers with our robust line of Smart Paint Truck Technologies. These include SPEC-RITE® – software data management for Smart Paint Trucks – assessing the quality of highway markings as well as the productivity of the people and equipment of your crews.

Smart Paint Trucks mean cost savings, productivity gains, and unmatched visibility to work-in-progress.


In January of 2020, Skip-Line merged with Spec-Rite Systems, a data technology company pioneering road (highways and airfields) marking management. With Skip-Line hardware and Spec-Rite data management, the two companies have come together to make a single vision possible – to make pavement markings smarter and safer. 

Skip-Line is the leading manufacturer of electronic controls for long-line (large) road-marking vehicles in North America since the mid-1970s.