Data Colleciton

Data Collection for Better Insights

The HDVO delivers zero-delay High-Definition Video Guidance for a real-time striping experience. The HDVO is an all-in-one striping assistant providing customizable guidance cross-hairs, multiple camera feeds, peripheral function control, and key operating information at a glance.

Advanced System Diagnostics

Minimize downtime with diagnostic feedback and precise troubleshooting tips. Monitor device current, switch health, J-Type thermocouples, and more.

Real-Time Monitoring

Vehicle speed, application rates, temperature, pressures, material usage, mil thickness, bead tank levels, and other critical operating information are available at a glance.

The Glass Cockpit

Control Peripheral Functions: Features optional controls for most peripheral vehicle functions such as work lights, material temperatures, application rates, pressures, carriage position, and more.​


Skip-Line DL-18 Data Logger

Zero Waste. One Platform. Everything You Need.

Data logging at your fingertips, seamlessly integrating your smart equipment through Spec-Rite Online for a state-of-the-art, industry-leading experience. Customizable on-the-job reporting will keep you on top of things, showing you the data you need, and when and where you need it.

The DL-18 is the most powerful piece of hardware on any paint truck. Choose the widgets you need for the job. Monitor your operation in real-time and set your targets with LLAMA. Customize your view for each job with the DL-18 interface, keeping your eyes on the data most important to you.​


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