Highway Retroreflectivity Testing

Highway Safety Is Important

Why It Matters

In a nutshell, retroreflectivity has to do with how well you can see road markings at night. Reflective pavement markings reflect the light from the vehicle’s headlight back at the driver. It is accomplished by adding glass beads to highway markings during application. The higher the retroreflectivity number, the better one can see the markings at night. Many DOT’s and government agencies set minimum retroreflectivity numbers to ensure work is completed to the highest standards. Measuring the markings over time and monitoring deterioration is key to developing an asset management program for your highway markings.

What We Do

Developing a program to measure nighttime retroreflectivity for highway markings is critical to highway safety. Markings that do not reach minimum standards cannot be seen at night. Our assessment teams are readily available across the US and Canada for your retroreflectivity testing. No job is too small or too large for our equipment fleet and highly trained retro technicians.


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