From Our CEO (New)

From the CEO

John McNeely is CEO of Skip-line, LLC. He possesses over 30 years of experience in the transportation sector ranging from roads and highways to airfield pavements. He has worked with airport operators, industry professionals and regulators around the world to elevate aviation safety standards including quality control and best practice methodologies for installation and maintenance of airfield markings. His current goal is to transform the airfield maintenance industry with software and services to improve compliance and safety throughout the global transportation industry. He earned an MBA from the University of Buffalo where he studied Corporate Finance. Throughout his time working in the industry, he has worked closely with many groups like NYAMA, AAAE, ACI, and ATSSA. In his free time, John enjoys hiking, skiing, diving and traveling.

Hello, I am John McNeely, CEO of Skip-Line. I started in road markings in 1989 right out of college by joining the  family business, Hi-Lite Airfield Services.  Our business grew from a New York State road marking company to the world’s leader in airfield markings.  At the end of 2019 we sold the business to a private equity firm and I continued on with Spec-Rite, a robust online platform to manage markings and to conduct markings assessments and retroreflectivity.

In January 2020 we purchased Skip-Line, the leader manufacturer of skip-time controllers in North America.  By bringing Spec-Rite and Skip-Line together we plan on transforming the pavement marking industry by connecting markings all around the world.  Our mission is to provide the world with the tools to create safer, smarter markings through connected equipment, automation, and data visualization.

What started in Vic’s basement in 1969 is our foundation for our vision.  We believe the future is bright and reflective.


John S. McNeely