Grinder Control System

The Skip-Line GC-12 Grinder Control System is a comprehensive, networked control system for pavement grinding, grooving and line removal vehicles with integrated skip timing capabilities. In addition to controlling vehicle speed, saws, and grinder heads, the GC-12 can control most aspects of the entire vehicle, including hydraulic and pneumatic pressures, temperature controls, lights, actuators, and more.  


Many Features, One System

The GC-12 system is comprised of a network of core devices. At a minimum, the devices required for a system are:

  • Core Grinder
  • Front Hub and Rear Hub
  • At least one Master Control Box

Many optional devices are available also, and development on this system is on-going with new features added frequently. Currently, the following optional features are available:

  • Additional Master Control Boxes
  • Video Guidance & Overlay
  • Switch Panel Boxes
  • GC-12 Glass Cockpit
  • RPM Inputs
  • Pulse Counter Inputs
  • Proportional (Analog) Inputs
  • Proportional (Analog) Outputs
  • Thermocouple Input Box
  • Bi-Directional Motor Outputs
  • Camera Controls
  • Light Controls
  • Arrow & Variable Message Board