HD Video Overlay (HDVO)

The HDVO delivers zero-delay High-Definition Video Guidance for a real-time striping experience. The HDVO is an all-in-one striping assistant providing customizable guidance cross-hairs, multiple camera feeds, peripheral function control, and key operating information at a glance.

Advanced System Diagnostics

Minimize downtime with diagnostic feedback and precise troubleshooting tips. Monitor device current, switch health, J-Type thermocouples, and more.

Real-Time Monitoring

Vehicle speed, application rates, temperature, pressures, material usages, mil thickness, bead tank levels and other key operating information available at a glance.

Control Peripheral Functions

Features optional controls for most peripheral vehicle functions such as work lights, material temperatures, application rates, pressures, carriage position, and more.

Simple Configuration

Highly customizable and easy to configure. The crew can place whichever metrics and controls they deem most important right on the video feed. Build and save setup parameters for a quick system set up.


Line Pilot XP


The Skip-Line Line Pilot XP makes it easy to adjust and fine-tune cross hair lines on the HDVO while driving. Operators can use toggles to adjust on-screen line positioning. Adjust location, tilt, and thickness of existing cross hair lines on the HDVO display.