The MGT-14 Grind Timer is a multi-purpose controller for road marking removal, grooving, and rumble strips. It consists of a simple, easy-to-use interface in a condensed package. Featuring a full color, sunlight-readable display, the MGT-14 is perfect for grind and rumble vehicles with up to two heads.

Using a simple menu system, the MGT-14 can be used to grind or rumble both skip or solid patterns to minimize equipment wear and increase productivity. With built-in counters, this unit meets all of your basic grinding needs.

Standard Features

  • Up to Two Grind Heads
  • Speed in MPH or FPM
  • Grind Head Lift and Drop Timed Outputs
  • Skip/Rumble and Footage Counters
  • High Current outputs
  • +12/24 Compatible
  • Grind and Rumble Modes
  • Rumble CAM or Hydraulic Piston Compatible
  • Rumble Depth Control
  • Pattern Preview
  • LED and Software Diagnostics
  • Guided Calibration Procedures
  • Rugged Sealed Toggle Switches
  • Head offsets
  • AutoCycle and Advance/Retard
  • Remote USB Software Update Capability
  • Expansion Port

Grind/Rumble and Distance Counters

Track your work with printable counter channels. These counters will record distances for solid and skip patterns while also tracking the number of skips or rumble cuts! GPS-Tagged USB data exporting is also available by request.

Availability: Skip-Line Grinder Controls are only available at the time of purchase of new trucks from our OEM Partners. Contact us for more information.