Fleet Control

Spec-Rite Online: Fully Integrated Control & Reporting Systems for Stripers

Spec-Rite Online (“SRO”) maximizes contractor productivity and reduces waste. With SRO, you can manage fleet location, material usage, performance, and profitability. The cloud-based platform works anywhere you are, allowing you to be back in the driver’s seat, running your business with the information you need to make better decisions.


Spec–Rite Online puts you back in the driver’s seat, calling the shots and doing what you do best. With real-time information from each vehicle, you can ensure the operation meets your expectations from your office or while on the go from your mobile device.

Our system combines software and smart equipment to reduce cost, increase performance, and ensure compliance. Your bottom line depends on meeting specifications without overapplication. Think of how much you spend on material each year – you could be over-applying by up to 40%!

While data logging isn’t new, it’s never been this easy to access the information YOU need while keeping tabs on your whole operation.

Skip-Line and Spec-Rite Online have solutions to nail even the toughest state or municipality specifications, so call today to take your business to the next level.



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