The Skip-Line SC-12

Road Marking Vehicle Control System

The SC-12 Control System is the most advanced skip timer on the market. The SC-12 provides advanced striping and truck control capabilities by creating a single, integrated electronic system for nearly the entire striping truck. Operators can control hydraulic and pneumatic pressures, temperature control, application rates, lights, cameras, linear actuators, and more. The system has powerful diagnostic features that enhance operators’ in-the-field awareness and troubleshooting capability.



  • Live pattern previews and pattern presets
  • On screen material monitoring
  • Quick setup menu
  • Help menu with instant diagnostics and device detection
  • Troubleshooting assistance with error reporting and help documentation
  • Easy, guided calibration
  • Reduced and simplified wiring with point-of-load driver boxes
  • High-current drive outputs eliminate the need for relays
  • Remote support and software updates via USB upload
  • Datum offset for more accurate delays and bead registration
  • Device location flexibility with a network wiring approach


Optionally integrate nearly any peripheral truck function to create a single, networked electronic system for the entire striping truck.

  • Hydraulic Pressures
  • Pneumatic Pressures
  • Temperature Control
  • Application Rates
  • Work Lights
  • Cameras
  • Linear Actuators
  • and much more!


Using one integrated system means that the entire crew can learn all aspects of the operation. The SC-12 provides an intuitive interface, reducing the need for specialized training.

  • Shared Roles for Personnel Flexibility
  • Fewer Auxiliary Systems
  • Reduced Operator Load
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Familiar Look & feel
  • Reduced Training
  • Optional Video Guidance


Straightforward menus and shared configuration between devices makes setup easier than ever before. A large LCD display clearly conveys system messages and parameters.

  • Calibration Walkthrough
  • Quick Pattern Changes
  • Pattern Preview
  • Easy-to-Navigate Menus
  • Simplified Configuration Interface


Built-in diagnostic and troubleshooting features minimize vehicle down time and maximize productivity. Every output device has a status indicator which makes isolating an issue easy.

  • Device Detection
  • Error Screens
  • Driver Output Diagnostic Indicators
  • Point-of-Load Driver Boxes
  • Glass Cockpit Diagnostics Interface

Your Vehicles Are Unique

Glass Cockpit Interface

Promote Safer operations with a Skip-Line™ Glass Cockpit near the vehicle driver. Monitor real-time application rates and simplify pattern configuration with a Glass Cockpit near the rear operator stations.

BUS-012 Network Hub

Provide clean communications and LED diagnostics. Conveniently place hubs near SC-12 Control System devices to reduce wiring.

Lights & Cameras

Move and focus cameras, turn work lights on and off, and engage linear actuators.

Temperatures & Pressures

Control material temperatures and hydraulic/pneumatic pressures.

Point-of-Load Driver CDRV Boxes

These can be mounted in a sealed enclosure on or near the carriage to reduce wiring or in the console in the operators area. Output indicators help with installation and diagnostics. LED lights indicate activated channels.

Carriage Control

Take command of the carriage with gun raisers and advanced carriage movement capability.

SC-12 Master (switchbox)

An SC-12 Master provides operation stations with system control. Engage road marking with rugged toggle switches. Change pattern configuration and more using a simple navigation menu.

Core Skipper

The Core Skipper calculates and implements the striping pattern as dictated by the operator. It ensures the most accurate striping at any speed. Usually mounted in the console in the operator’s area. Speed and pump sensors are connected here.

Full Color Display



View a pattern before it’s applied for a confident, error-free setup.


Monitor material application rates right on the main screen.


View important messages and system statuses without entering submenus.



Modify patterns, gun setup, time & distance delays, and more with a few touches. Road marking has never been more intuitive -making it easier than ever to train new crew members.


Reduce calibration time and error with guided calibration processes. You’ll find assistance with distance, pump, and delays calibrations on the SC-12 Control System.



The main screen displays key operating information in a manner that is quickly understood with a brief look so operators can focus more on the striping operation.

In addition to instant or average application rates, the main screen clearly displays vehicle speed, active striping features, and an invaluable pattern preview. Adjust cycle settings and bead registration from the main screen as well.


The quick setup menu contains configuration options that are most commonly changed on the fly. With a click of a joystick or a push of a button, an operator can access these principal settings.



Track simple metrics such as distances and paint usage with built-in counter channels. Upgrade to Advanced Counter Channels for metrics by pattern for jobs that pay by pattern distances.


The SC-12 Control System was designed with diagnostics in mind. Reduce troubleshooting and pinpoint the issue with tools like menu alerts, switch test diagnostics, and individual output LEDs on every output box.

SC-12 Package Guide

Base System

Provides the same functionality as our legacy skip-timer product lines but includes these distinct advantages:

  • Full-Color Display
  • Pattern Preview
  • Guided Calibration
  • Internal Pulse Multiplier
  • In-Field Software Updates
  • Expansion Flexibility
  • Improved Diagnostics
  • Lifetime Pump Tools

Basic Timer Features (Standard)

Switch and menu features that come standard with a base SC-12 Control System. Menu features are very intuitive and quickly accessible with the new full-color display. Navigate the menu with rugged, sealed push buttons.

  • Paint or Space Index
  • 5 Gun Switches (Per Side)
  • Carriage Switch
  • Withhold Switch
  • Alt Switch
  • Mid-Dot
  • Datum Point
  • Bead Switch
  • Advance/Retard
  • Auto Cycle
  • Time/Distance Delays
  • Dynamic Counters

Devices included

The base system includes the following devices:

  • SC-12 Master (2x)
  • SC-12 Core Skipper
  • BUS-012 Hub (2x)
  • CDRV-LO16 (2x) or CDRV-LO32 (1x)

Optional accessories & features

Cab Master

  • SC-12 Cab Master

A third master swtichbox that can override either of the rear operator stations to take control of a carriage. While not overriding another switchbox, the Cab Master displays animated pattern previews from both carriages.

Gun Raisers

  • CDRV-HB8 – Raise and lower up to 4 guns per carriage
  • CDRV-HB16 – Raise and lower up to 8 guns per carriage

Control gun raisers using additional SC-12 Master switches. Eliminate relays with H-Bridge output boxes.

Auxiliary Outputs

  • CDRV-HI8 – 8 high-side (+12V) driver outputs per unit
  • CDRV-HI16 –16 high-side (+12V) driver outputs per unit
  • CDRV-HI32 – 32 high-side (+12V) driver outputs per unit

Additional driver outputs for lights, valves, pumps, and more. Engage outputs with the SC-12 Master, a satellite switch box, or external toggle.

Satellite Switch Box

  • SWB-C – For extra toggles and remote cab consoles

Toggle switch control box for custom control functions.

Rework Trigger

  • CRPB-818 Remote Trigger – For accurate rework and improved focus

Handheld rework trigger for manual or semi-automatic skips. Connect to any BUS-012 Hub port.

Paper Tape Printer

  • CPR-212 – Prints activity summary

Industrial thermal paper tape printer for printing job counter channels and material usage.


  • CSPD-712 – Simple, large-digit speed readout
  • CSS-712 – Full-color display with striping overview

Remote speedometer/counter, commonly called “speedo” for driver use 

Custom Features (Optional)

Special switch and menu features that can be added to a base SC-12 System. Many additional features and patterns are available.

  • Tandem Paint
  • Tandem Beads
  • Black Patterns
  • Airport Patterns
  • Reflective Marker Layout

Documentation & Support

SC-12 Brochure

SC-12 Manual

SC-12 USB Updates

SC-12 & MST-14 Demo Mode

SC-12 USB Updates

SC-12 Installation

Due to the flexibility of the SC-12 system your particular configuration may not include every part listed below.

BUS-012 Hub Installation

Cab Master Installation

CANLG-IN2 CANLG-OUT Installation

CDRV-HB Installation (early draft)

CDRV-HI Installation

CDRV-LO Installation

CHS-112 Manual

Core Skipper Installation

Left and Right Master Installation

Satellite Box Installation

SC-12 Core Hub Installation

Smart Speedo Installation